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Our candidates at Conference 2014 - Working Together

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 10:35 PM


Saturday morning’s discussions at Conference revolved around four main themes. Minister Joan Burton opened proceedings with an overview of the issues at stake. This was followed by contributions on creating jobs and supporting businesses in local communities, which saw a range of ideas and proposals on fostering job creation and promoting the retail environments of small towns in particular.

The second session looked at measures brought in by Labour in government to support hard-pressed families. Free GP care, the book rental scheme, action on school uniforms and internet safety were among the measures discussed.

Speakers then addressed ideas on supporting small towns and villages. Candidates spoke from local experience on issues such as broadband, the Purple Flag scheme, youth cafés and tourism as means to stimulate and support their local economy and community.

Environmental issues, currently so topical in the wake of severe flooding in parts of the country, were among the issues put front and centre in the next session. Climate change, green gyms, and action on anti-social behaviour featured in the wide-ranging discussion.

The final session addressed the many schemes that have been introduced at local level for housing and transport. Action by Labour Ministers on unfinished estates, boarded up housing, and support for rural transport, bike schemes and cycle ways were highlighted by candidates from around the country.

Below is a list of everyone who spoke at conference, if you click on their names you will be brought to a video of their contribution to the weekend's conference. 

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