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Labour is Standing Up for Workers

Posted on January 12, 2016 at 04:01 PM

Ged Joan

Today Tánaiste Joan Burton and Minister for Busibness and Employment Ged Nash launched our Workers Charter.

[You can download our Workers' Charter here ]

The Workers Charter strikes the right balance between the needs of business and a worker's right to basic job security and a decent rate of pay. It will form a key plank of the party’s manifesto in the upcoming general election.



Speaking at the launch Tánaiste Joan Burton said,  "If re-elected to Government we will direct the Low Pay Commission to bring the National Minimum Wage to 60% of median earnings by 2021.  This would bring it to approximately €11.30 per hour in today’s terms.  We will lead by example in relation to our campaign on the Living Wage by ensuring that the State and all of its agencies become Living Wage employers by 2018.” 

Since being appointed Minister in July 2014, Minister Ged Nash has pursued a dignity at work agenda and has pledged to bring in legislation to end zero and low-hour contracts- “Workers have the right to expect a fair income, security in the workplace and the chance to improve their personal circumstances and opportunities.  We have achieved a lot in our term of office and have fiercely protected and indeed enhanced workers’ rights while other countries took the opportunity of the worldwide economic collapse to hollow out employment protections. That’s the value of Labour in Government.”  

You can read the full document here .

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