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Day 8 : #GE16 We'll introduce affordable and high-quality childcare

Posted on February 10, 2016 at 01:06 PM

Today we launched our plans for affordable and high quality childcare with Tanaiste Joan Burton, Deputy Ciara Conway and Cllr Mark Wall. Our plan whic h includes capping the cost of childcare for parents to €2 per hour by 2021 and an increase in paternity leave by three months. 

[You can read our plan here]

As a father our candidate in Kildare South, Mark Wall knows the importance of good childcare provision "Today we are also proposing that parental leave is extended by 3 months, to be shared by both parents. We recognise that fathers should have the opportunity to bond with their new-born children – it’s why we introduced two weeks of paternity leave in the last Budget, which will happen in September."



As chair of our working group on childcare, Ciara Conway our candidate in Waterford ensured that views from communities all over Ireland were included in the plan "We in Labour believe that there needs to be appropriate investment by the state in our youngest children. It is clear that we have to do more when it comes to supporting families raise their children.There is no one-size fits all solution to the issue of childcare in Ireland today. It is clear however that we need to ensure that our children are provided with the best quality childcare that is within the means of all."



Tánaiste Joan Burton closed the launch by talking abour how affordable childcare is a liberator for families - "For too long in this country, we relied on informal arrangements and a patchy system of childcare which was often too expensive and of suspect quality. In recent years, we have made some progress in dealing with the challenge of making childcare more affordable and more reliable in terms of quality.Having driven a strong recovery, we are now in a position to sustain that recovery and use the gains to address such challenges. I am determined that Labour will give a lead in meeting those challenges and the plan we publish today sets out how we will go about it."

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