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Day 17 : #GE16 Equality is the Keystone of What we Believe

Posted on February 19, 2016 at 12:07 PM

Today with launched our plan for a more modern, equal Ireland with Tánaiste Joan Burton, Minister Jan O'Sullivan and former Deputy Leader of our party, Liz McManus.

[Read our Plan for a more modern, equal Ireland here]

If re-elected to Govenment, we will tackle gender pay issues by ensuring large companies and public sector employers make public the details their own internal pay gaps in order to stimulate stronger action towards pay equality.


Highlighting the gender pay gap with Tánaiste Joan Burton, Jan O Sullivan and Liz McManus #GE16

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 Minister Jan O'Sullivan MC'd the event and spoke about the Labour Party always pushing equality forward in Ireland.


 Tánaiste Joan Burton, the first female leader of the Labour Party, spoke abour Labour being the Party of equality.


For the Labour Party, Equality is the keystone of what we believe -equality of opportunity - equality of treatment before the law - equality of rights and of duties - equality between men and women. #GE16 #StandUp16

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Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Liz McManus praised our manifesto. "It is clear from this policy document, and from the manifesto, that the Labour Party will continue to fight for greater equality for all."

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