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Day 18 : #GE16 We're Investing in the Services that Families and Communities Need

Posted on February 20, 2016 at 12:10 PM

Today we launched our Standing up for Public Services plan in our Campaign HQ with Minister Brendan Howlin and Minister Ged Nash. 

We plan that for every €1 in tax cuts, we will spend €3 on schools, childcare, and healthcare. These are the vital local services that all families and communities need. Families endured a lot during the economic downturn and deep recession. Now that we have a recovery, it is time to make sure it reaches the kitchen table.

[Read our Plan for investing in the services that families and communities need]

Speaking at the launch, Minister Brendan Howlin stated: “Labour is the party of public services. That is why we’ve chosen to allocate our available resources on a 3 to 1 basis for spending on vital services over tax cuts. Our tax package is moderate and targeted on those who need it most. Those for whom work needs to be rewarded better. Our 3:1 spending ratio allows us to do things that other parties cannot. Like employing over 17,000 additional staff to work on frontline services." 


Minister Ged Nash added: “Labour is planning to invest in public services to a greater extent than any other party. By continuing to roll out free GP care, capping childcare costs, and reducing school costs, we will provide for families. Only Labour will raise living standards and ensure better communities. Only Labour will truly deliver for working families.”


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