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Hotpress Endorses Labour Party in #GE16

Posted on February 22, 2016 at 05:05 PM

In the most recent edition of Hotpress Magazine, Niall Stokes has endorsed Labour's offering in #GE16.

[Read The Message - Niall Stokes on the election's burning issues]


"In the immediate future we could forget about Repealing the 8th. We would also be faced with complete stasis on one of the great scandals of modern Irish life: the control exerted by religious vested interests over Irish schools, an issue on which neither of the dominant political parties will take any risks whatsoever. We could also look forward to a wave of privatisation; the ongoing, abysmal treatment of refugees; further cuts in social welfare – and so on. 

"The prospect of waiting for ten or fifteen years to repeal the 8th Amendment is an appalling one. Nor do I want to see the electorate playing into the hands of the religious vested interests who control our schools. If Labour were to gain enough support to be part of a coalition – whether with Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil – then we would see the 8th Amendment being repealed. We would also see serious progress being made to challenge the churches – and the Catholic church in particular – on their control of schools. We would likely see Ireland move to a new, saner and more liberal regime in relation to drugs. And we could also anticipate more of the same, in terms of Labour preventing the worst ravages where reductions in social welfare and the like are planned."

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