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Posted on April 20, 2016 at 02:25 PM

Labour Youth wants to see all people paid the same rate of pay for the same work. People's pay should not be subject to discrimination on the grounds of age or gender. We believe that it is crucial in the fight for equality that equal work deserves equal pay.

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In the 2009 Budget, a 10% cut for new entrants to the public sector was introduced. This brought about discriminatory pay scales for new teachers, gardaí and nurses, for example, meaning that a newly qualified teacher could earn up to €8,000 less per year. This goes completely against the principle of equal pay for equal work and impacts disproportionately on young people. Labour Youth believes that the time has come for this to change and is campaigning for Equal Wages for All Ages.


The National Minimum Wage Act sets the minimum wage that every worker is entitled to; however, there are provisions within this which allows for lower rates of pay to be given to certain groups of people. Young people are subject to sub-minima rates under the National Minimum Wage Act. This means that young workers are given a different rate of minimum wage based solely on their age.

Labour Youth has a strong track record on campaigning for workers' rights. We called for an end to zero hour contracts long before it was on the national agenda. Our work with Labour Party representatives was one of the main reasons that the study into the effects of zero hour contracts was commissioned. Labour Youth has also long been a strong advocate for a living wage, a policy which has been adopted by the Labour Party.


Our next goal is to end pay discrimination. Labour Youth believes that fair and equal pay along with safe and reasonable working conditions are crucial in the fight for workers' rights.

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