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Let's Defeat the Cynics - Brendan Howlin addressing Tom Johnson Summer School 2016

Posted on June 14, 2016 at 12:02 PM

At the annual Tom Johnson Summer School, Brendan Howlin gave his first address to Labour Party members as Labour Party Leader. Deputy Howlin spoke about the gains Labour made in Government and how we will highlight issues rooted in core Labour values in opposition.


Deputy Howlin spoke about whilst others on the left talk, the Labour Party do the hard yards. "But alone on the left Labour realises the link between social progress and economic success. In our last two periods in office we have left the economy and the public finances in better condition than we found them. Who else can say that?"

Brendan also mentioned the hard campaigning work of Labour Youth  and their recent campaign to #EndPayDiscrimination "Labour Youth is no talking shop. No debating club. Members of Labour Youth are the type of people who not only identify problems - the easy bit - but also propose solutions and then work to get those solutions implemented. I hope our achievement last week made you proud. And that it inspires you to go on and fight for more."


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