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EU must reject impulse to act swiftly and harshly against Britain-Brendan Howlin

Posted on June 27, 2016 at 05:31 PM

Reflecting on the tragic result of the EU Referendum in Britain Brendan Howlin today offered his sympathy and solidarity to the millions of young Britons who voted to remain in the Europeal Union.


Speaking in the Dáil this afternoon Brendan Howlin said "It is critical at his juncture that what happens now makes the best of this bad lot for Irish citizens of the EU. That is the task that faces the Taoiseach and his Government. It is one that we will support them in and hold them accountable for."


Deputy Howlin also criticised Sinn Féin and the idea of a border poll "Sinn Féin have suggested that we do likewise on this island. Again, it is not difficult to understand why. One of the pillars of the settlement has been cast aside. But it is only one pillar. And it is not the primary pillar – which is the principle of consent.

We have no evidence that a border poll would change the status quo. In fact the evidence is rather in the other direction. A lower nationalist turnout in this referendum, and a reduced nationalist vote in the recent assembly elections, are examples.

We should not devalue the border poll by an inopportune triggering of its use. And we should look to preserve, in the first instance, the progress we have made. We must not go backwards."

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