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Regional Brexit Action Plans are needed

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 12:45 PM

We propose the setting up of a number of regional fora to examine how the regions can prepare for and minimise the impact of Brexit. The Regional Action Plans for Jobs must be updated and revised to respond to Brexit, taking into account the policy initiatives that have been proposed.

The scoping exercise indicates that there are many issues to be addressed in relation to how Brexit could impact on the Irish regions. As a result we recommend that there should be a number of fora developed whereby the stakeholders in each region are brought together in a public setting with achievable action points established. Local authorities should, and must, take the initiative on calling these fora together in conjunction with State Agencies. Capital investment needs to be increased and plans for Technological Universities progressed.

The Labour Party is calling for regional fora to be established, as a continuation of the work of the all island civic dialogue. It is notable that both the Government events and public meetings held by Labour public representatives across Ireland have seen a high attendance, and strong engagement from members of the public.

The fora should include stakeholders in business, tourism, sport, the arts and State Agencies, and work alongside our proposed ‘Early Warning System’. A plan should be produced to be acted upon on a quarterly basis to show the moves being generated to Brexit-proof the regions.

The Irish Government published eight regional Action Plans for Jobs between 2015 and 2016 that are scheduled to run over five years. With Brexit, these plans are now redundant and need to be revised and updated following extensive economic and exposure analysis for each region.

We have already seen some business announce plans to relocate to UK, often where it is their primary market. Action is required now to stem, and prevent future losses. Responsibility for these revised Regional Brexit Action Plans for Jobs should remain with the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.


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