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We must protect CAP from #Brexit fallout

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 12:52 PM

The €1.5 billion received by Irish farmers annually must be guaranteed in any post-Brexit adjustments to the EU Budget and the Government must ensure other EU funding streams are protected.

The impact of Brexit will be acutely felt by Irish agriculture with the loss of our largest food market from the EU, and the disruption to the high levels of integration in supply chains in the Border area. Of particular concern to Ireland will be how the reduction in the overall EU budget will impact on the Common Agriculture Policy. The UK currently contributes 12% of the EU budget. In hard figures, that is almost €18 billion out of a total budget of €148 billion, and a net contribution of €10.5 billion that will be lost post 2020.

Agriculture accounts for 40% of the total EU budget. The IFA has said that Irish farming receives over €1.5 billion through basic payments and the rural development programme, and that direct payments account for 65% of family farm incomes. CAP is a critical support to thousands of Irish farms and families that would be devastated by a 12% cut.

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