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57 Labour Councillors Elected

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 04:41 PM

Labour Local Manifesto 2019 web

57 Labour candidates have been elected to serve as local Councillors, in 21 of Ireland's 31 local councils.

Labour's vote share was 9.8% in those areas we contested. Of those elected, 34 were sitting Councillors, 10 had run in the past and 13 were first-time candidates.

Labour had fewer TDs and Senators, and fewer party resources than in 2014. Yet, we increased the Party’s number of elected Councillors, with seat gains in Waterford (+3), Fingal (+2), Wicklow (+2), Cork City (+1), Louth (+1) and Meath (+1). Crucially, we secured a solid vote in a number of areas where we’d hope to win Dáil seats.

Labour fielded 111 candidates in 95 local electoral areas. 41% of our candidates were women, and 42% of our elected Councillors are women.

Labour is now represented on the following councils: Carlow; Cork City; Cork County; Donegal; Dublin City; Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown; Fingal; Galway City; Kerry; Kildare; Kilkenny; Laois; Limerick; Louth; Meath; South Dublin; Tipperary; Waterford; Westmeath; Wexford; and Wicklow.

Thanks to everyone who voted Labour in these elections, and a huge thanks to our candidates, members and supporters who ran energetic campaigns all over the country to promote Labour's values and ideals.

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