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Ireland needs a clearcut policy on Biofuels

Posted on July 18, 2008

Rapeseed - Image by Richard Bartz
Image by Richard Bartz

"Ireland needs a clearcut policy on biofuels," Labour's Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Liz McManus told yesterday's Forum on Biofuels. One of the points raised in the Labour Party position paper reported how a recent World Band report said that biofuels has contributed to the increase in global fuel prices since 2002 by 75 per cent.

"The Government has failed to form a coherent policy on the fuel/food debate that has been driven by rising food shortages, particularly in the poor regions of this world. It is failing to provide any true sustainable approach to biofuels. The Minister for Energy has put energy security ahead of environmental sustainability and that is particularly disappointing when you consider the party he represents.

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