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Catch-up on budget speeches

Posted on December 09, 2010

"Once again, the future is put on hold as children are made to pay for the mistakes of their Government.

"Labour passionately believes that, as a country, our best days are still ahead of us. We believe that, as a people, we can do a lot better.

"Labour believes we can restore confidence, build enterprise, expand trade, train our people, and create a stable and prosperous future," Deputy Eamon Gilmore told the House during his speech on Budget 2011. You can see his full speech in the video and read his contribution in our media centre.

We've uploaded a number of different speeches to You Tube made by various Labour representatives on the Budget. You can find links to them all below.

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There are two laws Taoiseach, one for tax exiles & one for those depending on social welfare

Posted on December 08, 2010

"The Taoiseach is presiding over two laws, one for tax exiles and another for people dependent on social welfare payments," the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD told Cowen today during Leaders' Questions.

"Will the Taoiseach explain why the measure on tax exiles, which was introduced last year, will take two years to come into effect whereas people on some of the lowest incomes in the country, including carers, widows, people who have lost their jobs and blind people, have been hit twice in the same period? The pain being inflicted on them comes into effect immediately."

You can watch Eamon's full contribution in the accompanying video and you can read the full exchange on the Oireachtas website.

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Government chooses to slash and burn and create even more problems

Posted on December 07, 2010

"This budget is every bit as bad as we feared," the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD said this afternoon.

"The real tragedy is that having done all this damage, Fianna Fail risks compounding their earlier mistakes, such as the blanket bank guarantee and NAMA, with a Budget that takes an additional €6billion out of the economy.

"Labour fully accepts the need to reduce public expenditure and to close the budget deficit, but in this budget Fianna Fail has once again, chosen to take the route of the conservative consensus, asking those on middle and low incomes to bear the brunt of the adjustment, while priviledged elites such as the tax exiles did not even merit a mention in Minister Lenihan's speech.

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Plans for job creation at core of Labour budget strategy

Posted on December 03, 2010

Eamon and Joan - The Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD and the Labour Deputy Leader Joan Burton TD at the launch of Labour's proposals for Budget 2011
The Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD and the Labour Deputy Leader Joan Burton TD at the launch of Labour's proposals for Budget 2011

"Fianna Fail's plan to inflict a €6billion budget adjustment next week is dangerous for Ireland. It poses an unacceptable risk to jobs and growth," the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore said today launching the Labour Party's proposals for Budget 2011, In Ireland's Interest (download the document from our policy section)'.

"We cannot cut our way out of this crisis, we must also have growth. In this uncertain climate, a €6billion adjustment could inflict another year of stagnation on the Irish economy. Having endured so much, and having been promised that the corner was being turned, the danger is that the Irish people will have to suffer another year of little or no growth, and more joblessness.

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Taoiseach must explain the extent of the pay cuts announced in last week's Budget says Gilmore

Posted on December 15, 2009

Today's Leaders Questions saw the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD question the Taoiseach about the extent of pay cuts announced in last week's Budget.

Eamon said: "I want the Taoiseach to tell me if the cuts in pay will apply not alone to direct employees of the State but to all bodies, as stated in the Bill, which are wholly or partly-funded directly or indirectly out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas or from the Central Fund."

Following the Taoiseach's response where he fudged the issue Eamon said it was because the Taoiseach does not know what the impact of the pay cut will be because it did not assess what its impact will be on low-paid employees and those on social welfare.

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Links to Budget speeches

Posted on December 10, 2009

We've put up a number of Budget speeches on our You Tube channel. The video accompanying this post is the first of two videos of Deputy Leader Joan Burton's contribution, you can see the second part here.

Below you'll find links to the other uploaded speeches.

The Labour Leader Deputy Eamon Gilmore's Budget speech.

Deputy Michael D Higgins's Budget speech.

We also want to know what you think of the Budget which you can do in the comments section below.

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Budget - anti-family, unfair and divisive

Posted on December 09, 2009

The Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD

The Leader of the Labour Party, Eamon Gilmore TD writes here about the Budget

This is a budget that is viciously anti-family, fundamentally unfair and socially divisive.

Everyone knew that a tough budget would be required because of the unprecedented economic shambles created by Fianna Fail over the past twelve years, but few people could have anticipated a budget that would be so lacking in fairness.

The reduction in child benefit will hit the incomes of most families in the country. An across the board cut in child benefit will hit to low to middle income families particularly hard and runs the risk of plunging even more children into poverty.

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Budget Watching

Posted on December 09, 2009

All eyes will be on the Dáil this afternoon as the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan TD unveils his Budget which is widely expected to be one of the hardest, toughest and meanest in a long time. There are a number of places where you can follow what is happening. If you are online you can watch the proceedings within the House on the Oireachtas website, or on Irish Election.

RTE and TV3 will both be broadcasting the Budget speeches live among their Budget coverage. The Irish Times, Irish Independent and Irish Examiner also have dedicated Budget coverage as do Newstalk.

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Deputy Joan Burton speaking on Labour's Pre-Budget submission

Posted on December 04, 2009

In this post our Finance Spokesperson Deputy Joan Burton talks about our Pre-Budget submission which was launched today.

Between flash floods, swine flu and our ill-fated World Cup adventure there is little in the way of hope and optimism about these days. Non-stop talk about our faltering economy does nothing to lift the sense of gloom.

Even with a hairshirt budget on the horizon, however, I think there is cause for hope.

Ireland can and will get through our economic difficulties as long as we focus relentlessly on tackling the jobs crisis.

Yes, we need to deal with the Fianna Fáil budget deficit, but we need to do it fairly.

We need to protect people who depend on child benefit or the old age pension to make ends meet.

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Rabbitte eats his Greens

Posted on April 08, 2009

There hasn't been much light relief in the Dail this week, particularly with the harshest budget on record, but Labour Deputy Pat Rabbitte brought smiles to all sides of the House with a ten minute speech that used his trademark wit to pose very serious questions about the record of the Green Party in government.

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