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Inaugural Connolly Café at Labour Party Conference huge success

Posted on March 06, 2015

Connolly Cafe

Heretofore fringe events at the Labour Party Conference have concentrated on Party sections delivering workshops with panels of guest speakers on topics associated with their area of work or party staff delivering training. While these will continue to be the backbone of conference between plenary sessions, this year the Connolly Café was launched.

[ Listen to the Connolly Cafe on Audioboom. ]

Taking place on the Friday night, an impressive panel was moderated by Irish Times political journalist Fiach Kelly, our nighthawks version of a late night panel discussion began on the topic of ‘how social democrats deal with populism’.

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Labour members talk about their hopes for the future

Posted on March 04, 2015

In this video, our party members talk about their hopes for the future. Click to watch.

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#Opportunity2016 - Conference 2015 in Killarney

Posted on February 27, 2015

Labour conference 2015 slider

Tonight our annual conference starts in Killarney. Aside from a packed weekend of debate, among the highlights include the Tánaiste Joan Burton’s speech on Saturday night, presenting awards to long-standing members and workshops.

Download the Agenda here.

Download Standing Orders here.

Every year at conference we endeavor to bring you the vast majority of conference online, from livestreaming the entire weekend’s debates, regular updates on our blog, posting videos of speeches to our YouTube channel, constantly updating Flickr with photographs from the weekend, regular updates on Facebook and live-tweeting the conference (#LP15).

Do take a minute to follow Labour on Twitter and you can also find a list of our TDs to follow on Twitter in our lists.

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Working Together for real recovery

Posted on February 18, 2014

Labour is Working Together to make recovery real to people's lives. 

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We will make the recovery real in the lives of hard-pressed families - Gilmore

Posted on February 17, 2014

Labour took the decision to go into Government to fix the crisis and to take on the worst economic storm this country has ever faced.

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Our candidates at Conference 2014 - Working Together

Posted on February 17, 2014


Saturday morning’s discussions at Conference revolved around four main themes. Minister Joan Burton opened proceedings with an overview of the issues at stake. This was followed by contributions on creating jobs and supporting businesses in local communities, which saw a range of ideas and proposals on fostering job creation and promoting the retail environments of small towns in particular.

The second session looked at measures brought in by Labour in government to support hard-pressed families. Free GP care, the book rental scheme, action on school uniforms and internet safety were among the measures discussed.

Speakers then addressed ideas on supporting small towns and villages. Candidates spoke from local experience on issues such as broadband, the Purple Flag scheme, youth cafés and tourism as means to stimulate and support their local economy and community.

Environmental issues, currently so topical in the wake of severe flooding in parts of the country, were among the issues put front and centre in the next session. Climate change, green gyms, and action on anti-social behaviour featured in the wide-ranging discussion.

The final session addressed the many schemes that have been introduced at local level for housing and transport. Action by Labour Ministers on unfinished estates, boarded up housing, and support for rural transport, bike schemes and cycle ways were highlighted by candidates from around the country.

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Labour Party Conference 2014

Posted on February 14, 2014

Conference 2013

The Labour Party conference is being held tomorrow (February 15th) in Enfield. Among the key highlights of our conference is the Party Leader Eamon Gilmore’s speech on Saturday night, the presentations of awards to long-standing members, as well as the weekend's debates and workshops.

The vast majority of the conference will be available to follow online, from livestreaming the entire weekend’s debates, regular blog posts from each session, the constant updating of conference pics on our Flickr account, posting videos of each speech to our Youtube channel , live tweeting the conference (#LP14), as well as regular updates on Facebook . So if you’re not able to attend conference you can still keep up with everything that happens.

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For first time since crisis began, we can dare to hope again - Gilmore

Posted on December 01, 2013

"For first time since crisis began, we can dare to hope again", the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore told delegates at the party conference last night. 

"The progress we have made is due to the hard work and the endurance of the people of this country, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

"There is again a future.

"It is a future that belongs to everyone."

You can read the Tánaiste's speech from our media centre, or watch it back from the video. 

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Working Together - the story of the Labour Party in Government

Posted on December 01, 2013

The theme of the Labour Party conference 2013 was Working Together:

Working Together on behalf of the Irish people,
Working Together with our partners in Government to create jobs and build economic recovery,
Working Together as elected representatives, members, and supporters of the Labour Party.

Our team of Ministers at the Cabinet Table have also been working together to fix the mess we inherited from Fianna Fail, exit the bailout programme, and get our people back to work.

That task hasn’t been easy. But we have made enormous progress and on December 15th will say goodbye to the troika. The short video tells the story of how we went about that challenge.

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Century of Struggle and Achievement

Posted on December 01, 2013

At the Labour Party conference 2013 we marked the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 Lockout. Our party, trade unions, our members and our supporters, continue to draw inspiration from those events.

Over the 100 years since the Lockout, the Labour movement has contributed so much to the struggle for social and economic justice in Ireland. That struggle continues to this day through our work in Government in bringing Ireland out of the bailout.

This video captures the Labour movement's Century of Struggle and Achievement.

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