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Learn lessons from the past to build new Republic

Posted on July 22, 2009

Eamon Gilmore TD - Leader of the Labour Party
Leader of the Labour Party

Yesterday evening the Labour Leader, Eamon Gilmore TD, spoke at the MacGill Summer School about how we must learn the lessons of the past to build a new Republic.

Eamon's contribution was hard hitting and critical of the Government but it also charted the way forward for economic recovery.

"We have an economic crisis, but it is part of a political and social crisis. The model that drove us since the late 1950s has been under pressure for some years. We built a strong open, exporting economy, but it was hi-jacked by property developers and speculators.

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'One Ireland' - our Party Political Broadcast PPB

Posted on May 21, 2009

'One Ireland' is our Party Political Broadcast which will be aired May 22nd on RTE and TG4, please pass the video link onto your friends.

'One Ireland' highlights Labour's view on the challenges the country faces and how, as a strong member of the EU, we can again build a better Ireland.

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While times are hard - there are solutions

Posted on January 08, 2009

Going into the New Year facing a huge change in public finances, the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore talks about what we can do to lead the country out of the difficult times we find ourselves in.

Speaking in the video Eamon says: "While times are hard there are solutions and there are ways we can overcome this recession.

"This year sees Local and European elections and Labour will be fielding a team of candidates throughout the country asking people to support Labour's vision. We can make a better society in this country.

"If you would like to help, please get in touch."

You can either comment here in the post or you can use our contact page.

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The decision is yours

Posted on June 11, 2008

Irish voters have a hugely important decision to make tomorrow (Thursday 12th June) which has the potential to have a significant impact on the future direction of this country and of the European Union.

It is a unique power because only the Irish constitution requires the Lisbon Reform Treaty to be put to a vote of the people. With that unique power also comes a particular responsibility: a responsibility to exercise the vote. I hope that Irish voters will turn out in large numbers to ensure that we get a result that accurately reflects the views of the electorate.

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No Sign of cancer reports - Gilmore

Posted on February 27, 2008

Raising the delays on promised reports investigating last autumn's cancer misdiagnosis scandal the Labour Leader Deputy Eamon Gilmore told the Dáil today that "it is perfectly clear that this whole issue of the Mahon Tribunal and the Taoiseach is transfixing this Government and taking its attention away from the issues that affect the people".

He said: "We were promised reports on all of those cases and those reports were to have been published before Christmas to tell us what exactly happened and why they were misdiagnosed and what went wrong.

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Taoiseach plays Scrooge for asylum seekers

Posted on December 19, 2007

Since 1999 the Incidental Payment made to asylum seekers in Direct Provision has remained static and today during Leaders' Questions Eamon Gilmore TD asked the Taoiseach to look at increasing into line to what it would have been eight years ago.

Deputy Gilmore said: "These are people who have no political clout, they do not have a vote and cannot exert political influence. They are in a situation where they cannot work and just have to wait as they are processed. "It is not a great bounty and you won't go wild on it. I needn't remind the Taoiseach the number of times himself and the rest of us have had our salaries increased since 1999.

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Extraordinary Rendition is an attack on human rights

Posted on December 12, 2007

Yesterday (December 11th) the Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC) published a report into the Government's involvement with the CIA 'extraordinary renditions' scandal.

The report states: "The Commission recommends that an effective inspection regime be put in place to ensure that no foreign aircraft which might be suspected of involvement in the illegal practice of 'extraordinary rendition' may land and refuel in Ireland. An effective inspection regime will ensure that no prisoners are transited through the State en route to a situation of torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

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