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Capital review must be meaningful

Posted on March 05, 2017

Reflecting on the capital review, Leader of the Labour Party, Brendan Howlin writes about why the upcoming capital review must be meaningful.


The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away. And so it is with Paschal Donohoe.

Three weeks ago, we were treated to an announcement of the Capital Review, the first truly post-crash opportunity to look at our capital funding requirements.

The following week, we were briefed on the contracting fiscal space for 2018 and the need for Ministers to pare back programmes in their Departments.

In need of headlines the Taoiseach recently told the IIEA that the plan would be a 10 year plan. More ambition or spreading the marmite more thinly. Look at the scope not the quantity. Who knows? Contradictions abound.

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Time to get real on Brexit, Enda

Posted on February 04, 2017

Joan Burton TD held a seminar in the Mansion House on the spring economic outlook. In this very well attended meeting we heard speakers from ESRI, IBEC and UCD. Joan also made the case for Ireland to have a special status in Brexit negotations.


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Brendan Howlin on the Irish Times podcast

Posted on February 02, 2017

 Listen below to the The Irish Times podcast with Brendan Howlin. In the podcast, Brendan chats to Hugh Linehan and Fiach Kelly about #LabourRebuild, our upcoming party conference and the state of social democracy in these changing times. Have a listen below,



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Building a Shared Prosperity

Posted on October 06, 2016

Today we launched our alternative budget - Building a Shared Prosperity  with Brendan Howlin, Joan Burton and Seán Sherlock.


The Labour Party is presenting an alternative budget today, because we believe that a fully costed, progressive budget is possible.

With the chaotic nature of the current Government, we have a responsibility to have proposals ready that can be implemented if the need arises.

The amount of funding available for investment next year is limited. We don’t believe that using a third of this money to give people a tax break likely to equate to as little as the price of a coffee each week will have a real impact on people.

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Day 6 #GE16 : A Strong Economy for a Decent society

Posted on February 08, 2016


Today in our Headquarters in Dublin's Docklands we launched our economic plan for the next five years that centres around creating a strong economy for a decent society. Our tax plan is focussed on low and middle income families -the families that most need a break.

Tánaiste Joan Burton, Ministers Brendan Howlin, Alex White and Deputy Nolan launched our plan in which we will invest €3 in services for families and communities for every €1 reduction in tax - only Labour will invest in the services that families and communities need.

[Read our plan for a Strong Economy for a Decent Society]

Labour is Standing up for Working Families

Posted on January 17, 2016


Tánaiste and leader of the Labour Party, Joan Burton together with Minister for Communications Alex White, John Lyons TD and Cllr Pamela Kearns launched our ‘Standing Up For Working Families’ campaign this afternoon.

The campaign is comprised of a series of meetings which will take place across the country over the next two weeks to highlight the ways Labour has and will continue to stand up for working families. 

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This government remains fixed on the proper stewardship of the public finances.-Minister Brendan Howlin

Posted on December 03, 2015

Minister Brendan Howlin


Minister Brendan Howlin recently responded to an editorial in The Financial Times. Link to article here


Your editorial “Ireland should beware a return to boom and bust (November 27) over-eggs the pudding somewhat. The current government, a coalition of the centre left and centre right, is more than aware of the risks of returning to the past. We have spent considerable energy cleaning up that mess.

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FAQ on today's events

Posted on February 07, 2013

Earlier we posted a Q&A on The end of the IBRC and what happens next. We've another Q&A post which explains everything that has happened this afternoon.

What is the latest breakthrough on Ireland’s debt?

Today, 7 February 2013, the Irish Government has agreed with the European Central Bank to replace the odious promissory note with a long-term, low interest (cheaper) loan (government bond).  

So what does the deal mean for Ireland?

The Taoiseach announced in the Dáil, following a discussion with cabinet and agreement of the ECB, that the promissory note arrangement (IOU) would be replaced with long-term, low interest government loan (bond).

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Debt deal a good day for Ireland - Gilmore

Posted on February 07, 2013

"This is a good day for our State, economy and people.  This is more than just a financial watershed; it is an opportunity for our country and economy to take a decisive step forward into the future our people deserve.  I pay warm tribute to the Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, for the enormous work he has done to bring us to this point.

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The end of IBRC and what happens next

Posted on February 07, 2013

What was the Emergency Legislation introduced last night, 6 February 2013?

The emergency legislation, the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Bill 2013, was introduced last night, 6 February 2013, to liquidate IBRC.

This brings to an end the ‘dead bank’ IBRC, formerly Anglo-Irish Bank.

Assets belonging to IBRC have been transferred, under the legislation, to NAMA, the National Assets Management Agency.

A Special Liquidator has been appointed who will be responsible for addressing the employment needs of the former IBRC employees.

What has this got to do with the promissory notes?

The Government has been in on-going discussions with the European Central Bank to reach an agreement on reducing the severe burden imposed by the Promissory Notes, the IOUs, on Ireland’s taxpayers.

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