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Labour committed to develop strategies to eliminate educational disadvantage

Posted on January 12, 2012

Last night and today the Dáil debated budget provisions for disadvantaged schools where the Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn spoke of his personal commitment to continue working to develop strategies that strive to eliminate educational disadvantage from our society.

Minister Quinn said: "I want to place on the record my admiration and appreciation of the commitment, dedication and affection that is involved in alleviating educational disadvantage within our society. The work of teachers, principals, staff, parents and wider school communities in ensuring the continuing success of the DEIS scheme, and the education of so many children from disadvantaged homes and communities. This work allows children to experience a genuine equality of opportunity that was denied to too many children in this country for too many years."

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Howlin launches Programme of Public Sector Reform

Posted on November 17, 2011

The Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Brendan Howlin has announced a number of sweeping Public Sector Reforms. These new reforms will ensure a better public service - by eliminating duplication, wastage, and will save the exchequer billions. Using a common sense approach, these reforms will place customer service at the core of the Public Service, while also radically reducing its costs.

You can check out the reforms at this link to the Public Sector Reforms document.

Part of the key changes will be a reduction in State Bodies, with 48 bodies to be rationalized by the end of 2012, and a review of a further 46 bodies by the end of June next year.

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Capital Investment Plan announced - Labour prioritises schools, hospitals and job creation

Posted on November 10, 2011

Deputy Brendan Howlin

The Labour Party has prioritised schools, hospitals and job creation in the Government's capital spending programme announced this afternoon.

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin TD, set out the Government's capital spending programme saying: "Clearly we are now living in different economic times. This report, by necessity, is about priorities... Our priorities as a Government are clear and are manifest in this plan. In summary: jobs, schools and health."

Among the priorities include 40 new schools, a new National Children's Hospital, job creation, the linking of the two LUAS lines, the Railway Safety Programme, replacement buses and upgrades of existing QBCs.

You can read what Minister Howlin said in his announcement in our media centre, and you can see the full document below.

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Minister Joan Burton launches National Internship Scheme

Posted on June 29, 2011

Minister Joan Burton launching the National Internship Scheme

The European Headquarters of Facebook in Dublin today was the location for the launch of JobBridge' - The National Internship Scheme which was launched by Minister Joan Burton. In attendance were business leaders and people from the community and voluntary sectors.

Find out more about the National Internship Scheme at

JobBridge is aiming to provide 5,000 internship places to the unemployed over the next two years.

It is part of the Governments 'Jobs Initiative' which will offer 20,900 education, training and work experience places for the unemployed as well as the 'Springboard' initiative which will provide 6,000 places on a range of 200 part-time courses.

The launch was a great success and a step in the right direction for getting Ireland working again.

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Call out for ideas - Minister Howlin asks public to engage on how Government can spend better

Posted on June 24, 2011

Minister Brendan Howlin

Just like many householders across the country, the Government has to continue to do more with less. Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Brendan Howlin TD, is calling on the public to engage with his department, and submit creative and constructive proposals on how the Government can best save money and make smarter spending choices.

As part of the ongoing Comprehensive Review of Expenditure, a review set up to identify savings in each government department, it is hoped that the people of Ireland can also come onboard and contribute their opinions on how efficiencies and savings can be obtained.

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Labour honours pledge to restore Minimum Wage

Posted on June 09, 2011

[EDIT July 1st] - Today the minimum wage was restored to its previous level as promised in the Programme for Government.

Legislation which will see the reversal of the cut in the minimum wage has been progressing through the House enabling its restoration for July 1st.

In this post you can find links to the various speeches made by Labour representatives along with links to press statements, the accompaying video shows the contribution made by our TD in Carlow/Kilkenny Deputy Ann Phelan. Do let us know what you think in the comment section below. (You can also read a previous post by Deputy Gerald Nash who wrote about being proud of the decisions Labour is choosing to take in government.)


Speeches on You Tube

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It's a good day to be a Labour TD in government - Deputy Gerald Nash

Posted on June 02, 2011

Deputy Gerard Nash

Today is one of those days when I'm delighted to be part of a government with Labour at its heart. Our Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton has published the Bill which will see a €1 hourly increase in the minimum wage after the 1st July.

This measure means a lot to the thousands of people who are struggling to make ends meet; to pay rent and mortgages and to put food on the table for their families.

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Deputy Keaveney speaking on the Finance Bill

Posted on May 26, 2011

Over the last while the Dáil has been debating the Finance Bill which will enact measures announced in the Jobs Initiative. Today Deputy Colm Keaveney spoke and you can see his speech in the accompanying video. In the links below you can also see the contributions from other Labour deputies.

Deputy Alex White

Deputy Michael McNamara

Deputy Joe Costello

Deputy Joanna Tuffy

Deputy Kevin Humphreys

Deputy Ged Nash

We are endeavouring where possible to capture as many speeches made by our Labour team in the Dáil and Seanad so do keep an eye out on our You Tube channel to see what Labour is saying within the Oireachtas.

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FG Defends Bankers - Again

Posted on February 12, 2011

The Labour Party manifesto contains a small commitment on banking - to work within the United Nations for the introduction of a 0.05% levy on international financial transactions.

This tiny tax is commonly known as a Robin Hood tax, and it is estimated that such a tax would raise in the region of €100,000,000,000 per year. It is a modest proposal, and one that has been backed by hundreds of international experts and political parties.

Astonishingly, Fine Gael have criticised our stance on this issue. As they did with the bank guarantee, Fine Gael are yet again standing on the side of the wealthiest bankers, as they continue their plans to savage social welfare rates over the next three years.

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Labour's Plan for a Strategic Investment Bank

Posted on February 06, 2011

Launching our Plan for a Strategic Investment Bank - Director of Elections, Deputy Ruairi Quinn, Anne Ferris and Deputy Joan Burton at the launch of our Plan for a Strategic Investment Bank.
Director of Elections, Deputy Ruairi Quinn, Anne Ferris and Deputy Joan Burton at the launch of our Plan for a Strategic Investment Bank.

"Ireland has grave economic challenges, but far greater economic opportunities," said Labour Finance Spokesperson Joan Burton TD, at the launch of our new Policy Document; Plan for a Strategic Investment Bank.

"With the right policies, there is a bright future for the Irish economy as a vibrant, open, trading economy that creates jobs and opportunities for our people."

Accompanied by one of Labour's candidates for Wicklow, Anne Ferris, she outlined a bold plan to inject new life into the Irish economy.

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