Cllr Paul Bell

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Paul is a tried and tested community public representative and has tirelessly advocated and campaigned for ordinary working people and those marginalised in our community for basic rights. He offers leadership and vision in working for a fair and just society. Paul’s continues to work for:

  • Free access for all citizens to the health services, which includes GP care and dentistry.
  • The right of all children to access a properly resourced schools from school entry level to third level.
  • The basic right to have a decent home, provided by a local authority and financial support from government for those wishing to purchase their own home. Tackling homelessness must be a priority for both local and national government.
  • Determined political action to help ordinary citizens in the fight against crime and anti social behaviour. This objective can be met with local government funding the necessary GARDA resources and properly managed CCTV systems.
  • Support and resources for community based organisations working to provide services and amenities to the youth of our community.
  • Support and education for the unemployed through structured and relevant training initiatives. Also a more localised focus on employment development is an absolute in the fight to attract employment and prevent job losses.

Cllr Paul Bell

Ireland - Midlands North West : Louth : Drogheda Urban
Work Address:
SIPTU, Dublin Health Services Branch
Liberty Hall
Home Address:
109 Ballsgrove
Co. Louth

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