Senator Rebecca Moynihan
Spokesperson on Housing, Local Government and Heritage
Dublin South Central

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Over the 10 years that I have represented the South West Inner City on the City Council I have taken an open, pragmatic and progressive approach to politics. I have worked closely with the community, and across parties, to protect and develop a vibrant, inclusive community.

As a local representative I have 

● Led the campaign to build Weaver Park, working across party lines to deliver the first park in Dublin 8 in over 100 years

● Worked to make sure that our planning laws encourage vibrant sustainable communities, focusing on getting more sporting facilities and artistic/cultural workspaces in the city

● Worked on a sustainable approach to planning that encourages diverse, dynamic communities and avoiding overconcentration of any one type of development

● Worked to make sure that we have a country and a constitution that cherishes all our people by campaigning with the community for Marriage Equality and to Repeal the 8th 

In the next number of years we have huge challanges as a city and I want to work to be able to ensure that we firstly have the basic right to housing, ans also that the community we live in is sustainable, green, and has facilties that make a city livable. 

HOUSING: I believe our current housing market isn’t serving the needs of our population. We need to create a single national state agency, giving it the powers, the land, the expertise and the money to deliver housing now for both affordable and social housing. Too many vacant sites in Dublin 8 are being used for student or build to rent units, rather than good quality long term sustainable accommodation for people who want to make the city their home.
RENTERS: I believe in rental caps to what is affordable for people on middle incomes. We need to strengthen security of tenure for renters; generation rent are the most vulnerable in our housing market. It is unacceptable that people are becoming homeless because they are being evicted by landlords claiming they want to ‘refurbish’ their properties.

SUSTAINABLE GREEN COMMUNITIES: In developing housing we also need to develop facilities which support building the community. All housing developments should have green space, shops and facilities.
SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT: The Department of Transport and NTA have been dragging their feet in providing decent public transport and cycling infrastructure in the city. Simple, inexpensive actions can be taken to ensure safer passage for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging sustainable modes of transport in the city.

For our communities to continue to grow and flourish we need to act now so that fairer development is at the heart of planning and building of housing, infrastructure and amenities. 

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Rebecca Moynihan 

Senator Rebecca MoynihanSpokesperson on Housing, Local Government and Heritage

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin South Central : South West Inner City
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