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Our sisters, our daughters, our neighbours, our friends North and South, when faced with a crisis pregnancy, have found themselves on a boat or airplane to the UK or further seeking a termination.

Our sisters, our daughters, our neighbours and our friends under the age of 51 have had no say at all on the law in relation to the termination of pregnancies in Ireland.

Our country just like Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Yemen permit abortion only to save a woman’s life. And that has to change.

Exporting the problem rather than dealing with it honestly and at home is not a compassionate solution.

The Labour Party has always led on the issues of social change. Labour fought for and won the divorce referendum in 1995. We worked together to legalise contraception, decriminalise homosexuality, to ensure gender recognition legislation was enacted and to legislate for the X case. Labour ensured that marriage equality became a reality in 2015. We delivered on our promises.

Labour has a track record of standing up for women in Ireland. We are continuing our campaign to replace the archaic 8th amendment with robust and pragmatic legislation. The constitution is no place to deal with such a complex and sensitive issue such as abortion.

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Join Labour to campaign for change, to Repeal the 8th