On 25th May 2018 Ireland will have the opportunity to remove the 8th amendment and Labour is campaigning for a Yes vote to ensure women have access to the healthcare they need in their own country.

We need to care for Irish women at home. Nothing can change unless we Repeal the 8th. For compassion in a crisis vote Yes.

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We need your help not only to knock on doors but we also urgently need your financial support. Each poster and campaign literature costs money and it is vital we do everything we possibly can between now and the vote to secure a Yes vote.

Your donations will be used to fund posters and leaflets as part of Labour’s campaign to ensure women’s lives and health are respected and protected in Ireland. The more funds we can raise, the more posters we can put up to prompt debate and reach more undecided voters.

Donate what you can today to help secure a Yes vote so Ireland can have a modern and compassionate approach to women’s healthcare.

Get Involved. Join Labour to campaign for change, to Repeal the 8th