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As a country we have never really taken the Right Steps to properly invest in early childhood care and education.

Parents are paying too much. Childcare costs can be as much as a second mortgage for families across Ireland.

Workers in the childcare sector are not paid enough and can often feel undervalued.

The current system isn’t working.

We welcome the recent announcement of a comprehensive childcare package as part of Budget 2017. But it remains to be seen whether this new childcare scheme will really reduce the cost for parents, or whether the subsidy will just go straight to childcare providers. One thing that’s clear is that in order for the scheme to have real impact, further funding will need to be provided by the Government along with paid parental leave.

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It’s time that the government took the Right Steps and invested the significant amount of funding and resources so that our children get the care and education that they rightly deserve.

The Labour Party wants to take the Right Steps to ensure that our families are supported, that our children receive the high quality care and that childcare workers get decent pay and conditions.

Join us in our campaign and take action today.
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