Robert O'Donnell

Robert is a 22 year old native of Bansha who is the Great Grandson of the late Michael Ferris TD who was a well known Councillor and TD in South Tipperary for many years.

He is currently in his final year of studying Law and Finance. A familiar face around Tipperary, he has been involved with community and political activism since he was a teenager. From his first involvement in the local youth council, to volunteering with Youth Work Ireland, Robert wants to bring his passion for helping people onto the county council.

He has some new ideas, and a fresh vision that is currently lacking in our current local government. Robert is asking you to give him a chance to represent his community fight for you on Tipperary County Council.
His plan for Tipperary: 

  • Lower rates for businesses in Tipperary and Cashel, so we can develop new businesses and keep our shop doors open.
  • A local government that provides local services again like bin collections, so we get something back for the taxes we give.
  • Stop the privatization of our services and sale of public heritage sites.
  • Have public transport fixed to work schedules so people can access jobs in Limerick and other parts of Tipperary.
  • Build a Tipperary Town bypass so we no longer have traffic chaos in Tipp Town.
  • Build more public housing to ease the pressure on people struggling to rent from the private sector.
  • Communicate more with the community on further developments and road works so people know whats going on with their community. 

Robert O'Donnell

Ireland - Midlands North West : Tipperary

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