Samantha Duff

My name is Samantha Duff, I am a newly appointed Local Area Representative for Tallaght Central in the constituency of Dublin South West. I grew up and continue to live in a working class area in Tallaght. I was educated locally as are my children who live with me.

I have experience of community volunteer work, primarily youth orientated. My desire to work with the wider community was fostered during my time canvassing on behalf of the Labour Party. Listening to the issues presented at the doors of people within my community, encouraged me in the belief that, not only can I identify with their needs, I can advocate for them and hopefully through effective representation, deliver results.

My own life experiences make the delivery of special needs services of particular interest. Not however at the exclusion of other issues, I am firmly of the opinion that representation cannot be niche.

It is fair to acknowledge that the Labour Party was chastised by the electorate, we in Dublin South West no longer have a representative in the Oireachtas. We do however have three excellent local Councillors. I am fully committed to supporting their work and to positively reinforcing to the people of Tallaght Central that given the opportunity, Labour can and will work to improve our community.

Samantha Duff

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin South West

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