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Issued : Friday 8 May, 2015

Labour Party bye-election candidate, Cllr. Willie Quinn has said that the new draft legislation on collective bargaining is a major step forward in securing the rights of workers.

Cllr. Quinn said: “The new laws will balance the interests of workers and employers by providing certainty and clarity for businesses while enhancing collective bargaining in workplaces, providing for registered employment agreements to be re-established and sectoral wage rates and conditions to be re-introduced and placing the Low Pay Commission on a statutory basis.”


“It will provide an improved framework for workers who seek to better their terms and conditions where collective bargaining is not recognised by their employer as well as to provide a replacement for Registered Employment Agreements, and separately another Bill to establish the Low Pay Commission on a statutory basis.”


“The Collective Bargaining element of the legislation will provide a mechanism for workers who seek to improve their terms and conditions in companies where collective bargaining is not recognised by their employer,” said Cllr. Quinn.

"The new legislation will go a long way in improving the rights of workers who seek to negotiate pay and conditions on a collective basis when the employer refuses to engage with the workers. We have seen this most recently with the Dunnes Stores workers, who have effectively been ignored by the Dunnes management.

 “I am also pleased that legislation has been published today that provides for a system of Registered Employment Agreements (REAs) and Sectoral Employment Orders. This has been done following the legal difficulties that were found to exist with the previous legislation that dealt with this area of industrial relations. This legislation too will be of benefit to both workers and their employers, who can make use of such agreements to resolve industrial disputes or potential disputes in various sectors of the Irish economy - the fast food sector springs to mind here.

"Both these pieces of legislation are a profound step forward for workers in Ireland and shows that the Labour Party has real influence and power in Government and is working extremely hard to get detailed and complex legislation such as this through the political process. It isn't easy and it takes time - but Labour is getting the job done. It is legislation such as this that makes me proud to be a Labour Party candidate in this bye-election."

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