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Carlow must increase its Dail representation to maximise benefit from recovery – Quinn

Issued : Wednesday 13 May, 2015

Labour Party bye-election candidate, Cllr. Willie Quinn is urging voters in Carlow to come out on May 22nd next and elect a TD from the County to address the current imbalance of representatives from the constituency.

“As the only public representative from Carlow in this bye-election, I am urging voters to come out and support me to maximise Carlow’s representation in Dail Eireann,” said Cllr. Quinn.


“There’s nearly 53,000 people living in Carlow and yet the county is currently represented by just one TD. That is unfair on the people of Carlow who deserve greater representation in Dail Eireann,” said Cllr. Quinn who hails from Spahill, Borris.


“Adding Carlow to Kilkenny in Dail elections is not working for the people of Carlow and I would urge voters to seriously consider this when marking their ballot papers next Friday,” said Cllr. Quinn.


“There is lots of work that needs to be done for Carlow during the remainder of this Government’s lifetime. We have to keep pushing the expansion of Carlow IT and its bid for university status while we must also increase the number of IDA visits to the county – so far those visits have been extremely disappointing.”


“It’s very obvious to me that we need to increase Carlow’s presence in the Dail and as the Labour Party is part of Government, I will have the ear of Government Ministers. The economic recovery is underway but Carlow needs a greater presence at the table to benefit,” said Cllr. Quinn.


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