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Quinn urges Independents to come on board recovery and end ‘doom and gloom’ politics

Issued : Wednesday 13 May, 2015

Labour Party bye-election candidate, Cllr. Willie Quinn has criticised independent candidates for continuously preaching ‘doom and gloom’ politics instead of lending support to the economic recovery.

 “There are several independent candidates running in this bye-election who are only interested in negativity. They are not interested in protecting the economic recovery that is underway in this constituency.”

“They are soothsayers of doom and gloom and are only interested in mayhem and chaos. They would love to see this country in a permanent cycle of despair. That is their style of politics unfortunately.

 “This by-election is about protecting the economic recovery and helping build a better future for the people of Carlow/Kilkenny with a sustainable economic model where we never go back to boom and bust politics again.”

 “Labour in Government has made job creation our number one priority. One of the first things we did in Government was launching the Action Plan on Jobs, which was a clear statement of where our priorities are as a Government. The Live Register figures for Carlow/Kilkenny show Labour is delivering. Since April 2014, unemployment has fallen by 10% in Carlow and by 13% in Kilkenny.

 “Environment Minister Alan Kelly has also addressed the major issue of social housing by committing some €64m over the next two years in Carlow/Kilkenny’s social housing programme.”

“Carlow County is to receive €20.1m with a target of 435 housing units over the next two years while Kilkenny County is to get €43.6m in funding with a target of 686 units to be delivered in the same period.”

“That is real progress that could only have come about by the hard sacrifices of the Irish people. It is vital that the focus remains on the recovery so that all sectors of society benefit.”

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