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Labour hits out at Sinn Féin over its housing and education policies

Issued : Tuesday 19 May, 2015

Labour Party bye-election candidate, Cllr. Willie Quinn has criticised Sinn Féin’s housing and education policies as lacking clarity and short on actual support for communities.

Cllr. Quinn said: "In their pre-budget submission, Sinn Fein allocated €1 billion to social housing. Compare this to the €3.8 billion announced by Environment Minister, Alan Kelly last November.

"Just last month, the Government allocated €64 million towards providing social housing in Carlow and Kilkenny. Nationally, we have allocated a staggering €2.8 billion more to housing than Sinn Féin would have, had they been in Government,” said Cllr. Quinn.


"Furthermore, they did not allocate any increase in homeless services in their pre-budget submission. We increased it by 20%. They did not have any proposals for the refurbishment of vacant social housing units nor did they have any specific reference of funding to improve housing conditions for disabled people.


"It must also be remembered that while the Labour Party is delivered social housing in the South, Sinn Féin is slashing housing numbers in Northern Ireland.


"The Northern Ireland Department of Social Development has had its budget reduced from €790 million to €715 million meaning that the delivery target for new social homes has been cut from 2,000 to 1,500.


Similarly, when it comes to Education, Labour Ministers have committed over €64m to Carlow and Kilkenny between 2011 and 2014. This investment has seen the ending of prefabs for our children in schools.

“Between housing and education, this constituency has seen an investment of over €128m. Even in difficult, economic times, Labour in Government has delivered and will continue to deliver to local communities,” said Cllr. Quinn.

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