Role of Labour Women


"Labour Women works for the achievement of a genuinely Fair Society that supports and celebrates women's participation and contribution to society; towards the achievement of the strategic goals of Labour Women, the election of the Labour Party to local and national government and the enactment of the policies of the Labour Party."

Labour Women was set up in 1971 and is a subsection of the Labour Party.  Labour Women believes that the socialist vision and the values of the Labour Party are key to the achievement of genuine equality between women and men.  

Labour Women works within the party with Labour members, public representatives and parliamentarians in the goal of influencing Party policy, particularly in relation to policies that have an impact on women and their lives.  We work to strengthen the Party's commitment to tackle inequality across the economic, political, cultural and affective spheres of Irish society and to build commitment to gender-specific analysis of policy and practice within the Party.  

Labour Women also works outside the Party in the wider community, connecting particularly with women's groups and organisations in wider civil society and aligning with campaigns that are in tune with our values. 

All women party members are Labour Women members. Those who wish to be actively involved are included in a mailing list which informs them of events, campaigns, networking opportunities and any other relevant information.

Every Constituency appoints a Women's Officer, who is the constituency link for Labour Women. The Women's Officer keeps her constituencey up to date on the activities and campaigns of Labour Women, engages with women in the wider constituency community and liaises with the Women's and Equality Officer in Head Office. 

Labour Women and the Labour Party

  • Labour Women is organised on a day to day basis by the Women's and Equality Officer who is based in Head Office.  
  • The Chair of Labour Women represents the section on the Central Council and a representative of Labour Women sits on the executive of Labour Equality.

International Links
Labour Women is represented on the executive of Party of European Socialists (PES) Women which meets four times each year and is a member of Socialist Women International. The International Officer of Labour Women represents Labour Women in the International section of the Labour Party.

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