LW mark Suicide Prevention Day

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 01:23 PM

Labour Women joined the Irish Countrywomen's Association to mark the Suicide Prevention Day in An Grianan, Terminfackin, Co Louth. Suicide Or Survive (SOS) organisation conducted a mental health talk followed by discussions in groups.

liz wall ICA and lw Liz Wall ICA President (left) with Labour Women hosting a Suicide Prevention Day in An Grianan Co Louth

'You are women of influence. Use that influence to talk about mental wellbeing, about de-stigmatising mental health illness, saying it is alright to talk', urged SOS.
The ICA covers the entire country and can touch thousands of people. With their message of talking about mental health they can make a difference in communities.

Over 500 people in Ireland take their lives every year. An increase of 4% was recorded last year. Looking after one's mental health is a suicide prevention measure.
The Government has ring fenced €35 for mental health.

One key measure we can do is awareness : to make people aware of the importance of our mental health, to make people aware of the fact that it is fine to talk about mental health and to tell people how to respond to those who do have mental illness issues. When a family member has mental health illness, the entire family is affected. This is an issue that affects all of us, in our communities. We have the power to spread awareness, encourage the acceptance of talking about mental health and reach out.

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