Children should be seen and heard - Vote Yes for children

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 11:59 AM

Children should be seen and heard

The Thirty-first Amendment of the Constitution (Children) Bill 2012 is supported by Labour Women.

'This referendum is very much part of an entire reform around how we protect our children. It is about a cultural change where many aspects such as setting up the Department for Children and Youth Affairs, this referendum and the resources we use to protect and support children are part of that cultural change', said Sinead Ahern LW Chair at a LW Children's Rights Briefing Event.

'When the child is explicitly mentioned and given rights, we will be obliged to have the child's best interest as the paramount consideration. We may have considered the child's best interest already in many cases, but now we are obliged to do so. By adding this new Article 42A we are not taking away any rights, we are simply balancing rights.

'Voter activation is emerging as something we have to work on. The Saturday polling day is helpful as it will give people who may be away from the registered addresses during the week an opportunity to vote easier than would have been the case otherwise.'

'We are aware of some of the concerns people may have about this Amendment. However, having studied the arguments against the referendum it is quite difficult to see any of the concerns as being terribly valid, the referendum wording really does rebutt all these arguments. This should be a reassuring factor.

Labour Women is urging people to go out and vote, and vote YES for our children.

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