LW urge women voters to engage early with Stability Treaty

10 May 2012

Ahead of a Labour Women Stability Treaty information session, Labour Women Chair, Katherine Dunne today urged women to familiarise themselves with the text of the Stability Treaty ahead of polling day on May 31st.

"Past referenda show that knowledge of a treaty is a crucial factor in voter turnout, for this reason Labour Women are encouraging women to engage early on in the Stability Treaty debate.

"Historically women, if not fully informed have been more likely to lean towards a 'no' vote on the grounds that they did not know enough. Research also shows that women are also much more likely to engage with the issues during a referendum campaign as their knowledge of a treaty increases. For this reason, we are calling on women to get involved in the early stages of the Stability Treaty campaign, so they can be well informed by polling day.

"The Stability Treaty is about securing the stability of our currency and providing a valuable economic safety net should we need it. Labour Women believe a YES vote is the best option for women, and will be working hard on the ground over the next three weeks to communicate the essence of the Stability Treaty to our members, and we urge all other organisations who can reach out to women to do the same."

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