LW gather for a Treaty Information session

11 May 2012

Labour Women gathered in Dublin on a Thursday evening to learn more about the Stability Treaty.
'I know quite a bit about the Treaty, but there are some details I am not sure about. I would like to for example find out about the funding line if we need another bailout. Some people say that we can still access the fund that the EU is setting up, but then I hear that it is not so. I really want mainly to get clarity on some details', said one Labour Women member from Crumlin.
'I am a new member and I am really interested in finding about more about the whole campaign. I am a little worried about canvassing because I have never canvassed before. I am looking to get more information so that I can feel more confident', said a member from Cabra.
'We are hosting this event so that women can have an opportunity to ask questions. Most people now have a reasonable idea about the Treaty, but the more people learn about it the more questions they also have. They know now which questions to ask. This is an ideal time to offer more information', said Katherine Dunne Labour Women Chair.
The session consisted of a brief summary of the key points of the Treaty, followed by specific questions and a lively discussion. 'It is great that we can discuss the Treaty with someone who has the knowledge and the time', said several members. The session also gave an opportunity to talk about the one thing we should spend more time talking about : Europe.


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