LW : 'Annawas14' campaign reminder of the realities of prostitution

17 August 2012

'Annawas14' poster campaign by the Turn Off the Red Light has been launched today. The campaign reminds us that the international average age when a woman first enters prostitution is 14. Some women end up in prostitution because of exploitation, and lack of choices to refuse. It is also well documented that women who drift into prostitution often have issues around family background, abuse or substance addictions. Rarely do women enter prostitution because it is what they want from life. Women do not see the life of a prostitute a 'normal life' - because it isn't.

Labour Women believe that prostitution is harmful and on that basis alone it must be tackled. 68% of women working in prostitution suffer from post dramatic stress order, and both violence and sexual violence are a constant threat. Labour Women have been calling for legislating to ban purchasing of sex.
Labour Women have welcomed the Minister for Justice's public consultation on prostitution laws. Labour Women is preparing its submission and looks forward to a debate on the issue.

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