Allow Pupils to wear Generic School Uniforms

27 August 2013

Statement from Labour Women on School Uniform Costs

Labour Women is launching a campaign today calling on all parents to contact their school principals about the high cost of school uniforms.  Labour Women have drafted a letter to school principals asking them to allow pupils to wear generic school uniforms which parents can download from their website.

Speaking about the campaign, Labour Women Chair, Sinead Ahern said, “Labour Women is acutely aware of the financial burden of the “Back to School” costs which families across Ireland have to pay each September.   There are simple ways that this burden can be tackled, and one of these is by allowing students to wear generic uniforms to school.  To make life easier for parents we have drafted a letter for them, which they can download from our website and send into the principals of their children’s school asking for generic uniforms to be allowed.”

Continuing Ahern said, “Generic school uniforms can be bought for a fraction of the price in a High Street shop, whereas specific specialised shops charge much higher prices. For example, crested jumpers start at €45 for a secondary school pupil whereas a plain jumper can be bought for just €12 plus €1/€2 for an iron-on crest.  This is a saving of over 68%.  During these difficult times, such a saving can make a huge difference to a family budget. Labour Women are calling on all parents to contact their school principals to allow their pupils or students to wear generic uniforms to school. ”

To download the letter to send to your children's principal, click on the following link:



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