X marks the spot - Labour's Euro trio cross paths at Kilteel

7 April 2014

Last week, Labour Women organised a gathering of the Labour Party's three women MEP candidates near Kilteel, Co. Kildare where the three different euro constituencies meet.

Speaking about the meeting Sinead Ahern, Chair of Labour Women said, "Labour Women is extremely proud of the Labour Party's strong track record of running and promoting female candidates. The fact that Labour's MEP candidates are three outstanding women is further evidence of the party's support to get more excellent women into politics."

Phil Prendergast, European candidate in Ireland South said, "Our gathering here today, at the geographical meeting point of each constituency, is the perfect symbol of the solidarity of the three female Labour European candidates. All roads from here lead to Europe."

Senator Lorraine Higgins, Labour's European candidate in the Midlands North West continued, "I'm proud to be one of the three women candidates running for Europe and that Mna na hEireann will be out in force as we criss-cross the country over the coming weeks. This may be the only point in the country at which our three constituencies intersect but there is a commonality of issues which are felt from Donegal to Dublin and down to Wexford, and I know that myself, Phil and Emer will ensure those issues are fully represented in the European Parliament."

Emer Costello, Dublin's MEP concluded, "More than ever, the importance of female representation in politics cannot be underestimated. It is an honour to be one of Labour’s candidates for the European election, to be one of three women candidates, and most importantly, one of three women candidates who will campaign and work for measures that will reduce inequalities in Europe, and in Ireland.”

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