Labour Women endorses candidates in Leadership and Deputy Leadership contests

16 June 2014

Labour Women endorses two of the candidates in the Leadership and Deputy Leadership contests.

Speaking earlier today, Labour Women Chair, Sinead Ahern said, "Over the 40 years of our existence ‘Labour Women’ has sought to increase women’s participation in politics. We have long believed that the cause of women’s equality cannot be advanced unless women are at the decision making table. Labour Women is proud and pleased to see that two of the highest offices in our party are to be contested by women.  Labour Women are proud to endorse Minister Joan Burton in the contest for party leader Deputy Ciara Conway in the contest for deputy leader.

Commenting further,  Ahern said ‘Minister Burton’s career in politics has spanned over four decades and in that time she has been a dynamic and outspoken proponent of Labour values and a key supporter of women issues. For too many Irish people the recovery has been slow in coming and many are still struggling to get by. We are confident that with Minister Burton at the helm, Labour values will be at the heart of the recovery and we can ensure that the recovery benefits those who need it most’.

Further Commenting Ahern said ‘We are also proud and delighted to endorse Deputy Ciara Conway in the contest for Deputy Leader. Across her time in student union politics, in Labour youth and now as a TD for Waterford, Deputy Conway has shown an immense passion for women’s rights and has fought many battles on behalf of women at all levels of politics’


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