Increase in Child Benefit recognises sacrifices families have made

14 October 2014

Speaking on the Budget 2015 announcements earlier this afternoon, Chair of Labour Women, Sinead Ahern said, "This Budget offers hope to people across Ireland who have been struggling for the past few years, and shows that we are moving in the right direction as a society. It is now clear that under this Government, the recovery will deliver a fair and equitable distribution of wealth in our society."

Continuing Ahern said, "Importantly, Budget 2015 provides extra support to families with children by way of the €5 per month increase in the Child Benefit this year with a further increase of €5 in next year's Budget.  This increase will benefit 613,000 families and recognises the sacrifices that families have made during the crisis."

"This Budget will also help families back to work, with the introduction of the Back to Work Family Dividend, which will see jobseekers returning to work retain the element of the welfare payment which they received for their children.”

“There is a clear social conscience element to this Budget as can be seen by taking 80,000 out of the USC charge and increasing the entry point to €12,000.  This means that this Government has taken 410,000 people out of the USC since coming into office and will ensure that relief is delivered to low earning households.”

"It is clear that the Government have delivered on social and economic recovery for families and workers and have stayed away from the auction politics of the past. “



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