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My name is Yulia Ghumman.

I am 29, and I am a First time Candidate.

I represent Youth, Women, Migrants (including returning Irish expatriates, those who came back or just planning; I want to help them to return to Ireland and get settled); to let all of them feel more connected and have a voice locally. My support and representation includes every resident in Swords. I stand for every person in Swords, because everyone deserves a decent life in Ireland. Everyone who lives here, is our neighbour, friend, colleague or somebody we know, has a right for a good life, and has a voice, which local government should listen and follow. Let me represent you – vote № 1 for Yulia Ghumman on May 24th, 2019.

Local Electoral Area: Swords, Fingal County Council

Languages I know:

  • I can speak / write / read fluently in English, Russian, Ukrainian;
  • I can speak a little bit in Latvian, and very little in Urdu;
  • Also, I can read and understand 90-95% of text in Polish language;
  • I am learning French.  


My policies for the Local Election 2019:

‘Building sustainable communities’, it is our joint policy across Labour Fingal Constituency. Our core values are transparency, accountability, decency and honesty. I am going to stand for all people of Swords, as everyone deserves a decent life in Ireland and Government is responsible for providing for its people. Therefore, as a representative of people and local government I am going to stand for the following policies:

- Affordable and accessible housing for all.

- Workers’ rights and decent jobs for all;

- Proper planning and sustainable development of community amenities;

- Affordable and accessible childcare;

- Support and development of local business;

- Transport: improved commuter services and proper cycleways;

- Environment: keep Swords a tidy town; decrease and eliminate the use of plastic by introducing and encouraging eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials for local businesses;

- Build a ‘brand’ for Swords. I want every resident to be proud and happier living in Swords. Therefore, if elected I am going to put my effort into promoting Swords by making a ‘brand’ to attract more services and events to our town.


Why Should You Vote № 1 For Me?

Swords is a bustling town, which has rapidly grown in the recent years and it has a great potential of becoming the best town in Ireland to live in. I run for local election because I want to contribute to the community and to make a difference. I have been very active since I moved to Ireland and achieved a lot without being a politician and now I want to try my best and represent communities in Fingal County Council.

I stand for election because I want to contribute to the community by supporting the local development and community facilities, decent jobs, affordable housing and childcare for young families and working individuals. I want to represent communities at Fingal County Council, especially those who are underrepresented now: youth, women, and migrants (including returning Irish expatriates), to let them feel more connected and have a voice locally. I believe that Irish politics needs a change. It is a time for more of young people, more women and more diversity from migrant background. I represent all people of Swords and by voting for me, you support the change you wish to see. Make a difference – support a positive change!

Yulia Ghumman

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Fingal : Swords

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